Eco-Safe Products
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Eco-Safe Products Portfolio
Locally owned and operated, Bedini Bee & Pest Control is
making San Diego's pest problems disappear. We offer a
range of solutions to help keep your home and business

We are proud to offer pesticide products which are derived
from natural plant oils as a treatment option. The plant oils
used are effective against a wide variety of both indoor and
outdoor pests, but are rated "safe" by the FDA. See our
Eco-Safe Products page for more information on this
exciting technology.

We specialize in bee control and bee hive removal services,
including the Africanized Bee. We can also handle all of your
other household or business pest problems.

Whatever your pest problem, we have a solution for you.
The "Houdini" of the Pest Control Industry
Bee & Pest Control, Inc.